QSR – Relay stock exchange

//QSR – Relay stock exchange

QSR – Relay stock exchange

If you still search ‚combatants’ for your relay or precipitate at short notice a relay participant, our longstanding main sponsor had an idea: the relay stock exchange QSR. On personnel services and quality assurance specified enterprise, it has come along to the core competence to serve for customers in the shortest time, adaptably concrete need for well qualified employees.

Because each of our sponsors has made a mistake with body and soul of the SPARKASSEN Challenge Heilbronn powered by Audi and introduces itself best with his abilities, nothing lay closer than to transfer his competence on our Challenge.

Thus you’re able from now on under


quite simply look for combatants for your relay.

How to do: Announce yourselve or answer a quite existing inquiry with your discipline, which you want to introduce in the relay or look. Simply try out.



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