Today we present you our professional field 2015 – we have absolute TOP starter! – More will follow –

//Today we present you our professional field 2015 – we have absolute TOP starter! – More will follow –

Today we present you our professional field 2015 – we have absolute TOP starter! – More will follow –

YEAH THE WINNRS ARE BACK! We are delighted that the two last year winners Andi Dreitz and Svenja Bazlen take part at the SPARKASSEN CHALLENGE HEILBRONN powered by Audi this year.

Last year’s winner Andi Dreitz got worldwide attention because of his world’s best bike split over the 90 kilometers in 1:57:21 at CHALLENGE BAHRAIN last year.

Svenja Bazlen has shown with her 3rd place at the European Championship in Zurich or the 10th place at the world championships about the half distance, that she is one of the best athletes in the world, too.



Young talents Katharina Wolff and Julian Mutterer start in Heilbronn!

Katharina Wulff one of the strongest regional athletes will definitely use her home advantage in any case. With their Vice World Champion title in Las Vegas and the European Championship title 2013 at the half-distance she doesn’t need to hide her from the big names. Due her results she has been included into the Asics Frontrunner team and the Pro Team Mohrenwirt #proteammohrenwirt.

The men’s competitors can also dress warmly. Julian Mutterer can compere with the bests, because he also can run a  time of 1: 16h on the half marathon in a triathlon race and got his race hardness at some Bundesliga races, in the last years.



The race is getting more EXCITING! Laura Philipp and Horst Reichel expand our pro athlete starting field.

Laura Philipp came to the sport of triathlon in 2011 and has already made a name in the triathlon sector in this short time. At the BASF Triathlon Cup over the Olympic Distance in Mußbach and Heidelberg she won with new course records. She also came on the podium at middle distance races in Rügen and Wiesbaden. Can Laura set a new course record over the middle distance at CHALLENGE HEILBRONN, too?

Of course Horst Reichel also wants to win in Heilbronn! He is one of of the best German athletes over the long distance with a personal best time of 8:10:12 hours. But on the half-distance at the CHALLENGE DUBAI (one of the best occupied races in the world) he left some triathlon world champs behind him, too.



Our race is getting FASTER!
Daniela Sämmler and Nils Frommhold take part at SPARKASSEN Challenge Heilbronn powered by Audi.

Daniela uses CHALLENGE HEILBRONN as #roadtoRoth. She will definitely want to improve her personal best time on the long distance of 9:02:51 hours there. Last year she was also successful on the half-distance races, with her win of Chiemsee Triathlon or the podium at CHALLENGE FUERTEVENTRUA and CHALLENGE RIMINI. The sympathetic triathlete was second in 2012 in Heilbronn and absolutely wants to win this year!

Nils knows only one gas – full gas. Especially on the bike he takes his competitors quickly some minutes off. Last year he outclassed at CHALLENGE ROTH with a bike time of 4:15 hours and an average speed of 42.1 km / h over the 180 kilometer his competitors. But he is a strong runner, too. So he made last year with a second place at DATEV CHALLENGE ROTH and a sixth place in Hawaii a clear sign.
It will be EXCITING!



Pro athletes Katja Konschak and Ronnie Schildknecht come to CHALLENGE Heilbronn!

Katja Konschak is another top athlete  who starts in Heilbron. In her youth she was a swimmer. Due this her strength is of course swimming, but she is a good runner, too. Katja finished CHALLENGE ROTH at the fourth place with a time of 9:04:14 hours 2013. 2012 and 2013, she won the ICAN Triathlon Nordhausen on the half distance.

Ronnie Schildknecht already won our City Triathlon Heilbronn 2013. He won seven times the long distance race in Switzerland. In 2008 he finished the long distance on Hawaii at the fourth place and 2011 he was the first man who was able to beat the 8 hour mark over the long distance in Florida. In Switzerland, he already won a lot of duathlon races. He will sure benefit of his running strengt at CHALLENGE HEILBRONN. Will he win again this year?



Andi Böcherer and Anja Beranek strengthen our pro field!

The race in Heilbronn is Andi Böcherers favorite race. He was up on last year due to an injury each year at the start in Heilbronn. In 2011 he already won the race. In the same year he also won the European championship on the middle distance. After a bicycle accident and an infection last year his season was unfortunately over after two races. But this year he will he will come back better and harder than before and wants to win in Heilbronn!

In 2013 Anja Beranek won her first long distance as a pro athlete! After the race off at her home race at #CHALLENGEROTH 2014 and a lengthy injury she won the race on the half distance in Western Sydney in December. Will she be in the same victory shape on 21th June in Heilbronn, too?



Successful champions come to Heilbronn!

Natascha Badmann is one of the most successful triathletes in the triathlon history. Her results tell us everthing: 6 time World Champion on the Long Distance in Hawaii, multiple European Champion and World Champion in duathlon races and multiple winner of half- and long distance races. But with her 48 years she doesn’t need to hide before younger racers. So she finished on the third place in the City Triathlon Heilbronn 2012 and let some younger athletes behind her.

Maurice Clavel is one of the young German talents on the middle distance. Last year, he was Vice European Champion on the half distance and he finished in Heilbronn on the third place behind Andi Dreitz and Sebi Kienle. His motto in the race is „riot“ also full speed.



International stars Ricarda Lisk and Michael Raelert on the startline of Sparkassen CHALLENGE HEILBRONN powered by the Audi!

Ricarda Lisk, born in Stuttgart was one of the best athletes on the Olympic distance in World Cup races. She was fifth at the World Championships and European Championships and finished in top 10 in World Cup races. At the Olympics in Beijing 2008, she finished on the 15th place. With maturities of 35:30 minutes over the 10 kilometers in a triathlon race, she is also one of the top runners. 2013, she moved to non drafting races and is now Vize-European Champion on the Olympic Distance. Last year she finished second in Heilbronn.

Michael Raelerts area is the half distance. On this distance, he is almost unbeatable. 2014 he won five of six races on the half distance, including CHALLENGE BAHRAIN, with probably the best starting field occupied on the half distance in last year. Overall, he has already won 19 half distance races and was over this distance several times World and European Champion. The race in Heilbronn is getting exciting!


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