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Do I have to take part in the race meeting?
Yes, it is obligatory for every participant to take part. Up-to-date information and possible changes for the race will be announced here.

Swimming in the river Neckar
During the swim, the flow rate of the Neckar will be highly reduced, so there is only a very limited current. The water quality will be checked by the organizing committee several times, the results will be published on our website.

Is it allowed to swim in the Neckar before the race?
Swimming in the Neckar apart from the race is not permitted as there will be ship traffic. We will try to organize a led swimming before the race and will keep you infored about it via our newsletter.

Can I swim without a wetsuit?
This is dependant from the water temperature and is announced the latest during the race meeting. Rules according to the regulations of the German Triathlon Federation.

Do I have to wear a bike helmet?
Yes, a helmet must be worn during biking. The helmet will be checked during check-in.

I have a mountain or city bike. Can I also take part with that?
Yes, of course. It must not be a triathlon or racing bike.

Is drafting allowed?
No. A minimum distance to the biker in front of you must be at least 10 meters. The one who is passed by must drop back to this distance. It is also not allowed to bike next to each other, it must be passed by quickly.

Can someone support me during the race? May I accept help?
Company on the race course is not allowed and may lead to disqualification. During the race, no help is allowed. Bike malfunctions or break downs must be handled alone. Food and drinks can only be taken at the aid stations.

Can I withdraw my registration?
A withdrawal is possile until the date stated in the entry information. Afterwards, no withdrawal is possible. When withdrawing, a processing fee of 50,00 EUR will be charged in any case.
At non-attendance (no withdrawal) there will be no refund of the entry fee. A transfer of the entry to the following year is not possible.
A change of entries is not possible.

How can I find out if my entry was registered?
When registering, you will get a confirmation with information on how to pay the entry fee. The registration is only valid when the entry fee is received on our accounts.

My address or other informations on my person have changed. How and where can I announce this?
Please send all changes as soon as possible by mail to info@challenge-heilbronn.de.

I would like to get prepared ideally for the race. Where can I get plans for my training?
You can get personalized training plans or can train according to general training plans (e.g. per possible training time per week) for free on the web, e.g. at www.triathlon-szene.de. CHallenge Heilbronn does not offer training guides or plans.

What nutrition is offered during the race at the aid stations?
On the bike and run course there will be enough nutrition. The supplier will be stated shortly.

Where will be the aid stations on the bike course?
We will state the detailled locations in time before the race.

Where will be the aid stations on the run course?
We will state the detailled locations in time before the race.

Parking for athletes and spectators
There are parking lots at the “Frankenstadion” stadium and the railway stations. All parking lots are stated in the city map. We recommend to take public transport to the race.

Is there an official race hotel?
Yes, there are several race hotels very close to the race locations. See the “Travel” part of our website for further information.

Is there a time limit for the single distances?
The organizers reserve their right for time limits for all the distances. They will be announced in the entry information.