Heilbronn – Sports City at the Neckar

//Heilbronn – Sports City at the Neckar
Heilbronn – Sports City at the Neckar 2016-03-30T15:38:32+00:00

Already the Romans knew that life is good in the lovely regions along the Neckar and many castles tell of the long story. Today, heilbronn has about 125,000 inhabitants and present itselt as a modern, open city hosting people from more than 130 nations. The townscape is modern, but around the central market place with the town hall, Kathy’s House, St. Kilian’s Church and the Deutschhof Monastry, historic buildings prove Swabian coziness and hospitality.

The river Neckar flows direclty through the city, shaping the city scape and offering, besides many leisure time and sports possibilities, as international waterway the base for the successful economic development of the region of Heilbronn-Franconia.

As city of sports, Heilbronn benefits from its location along the Neckar, which offers best possibilities for watersports, and the surrounding low mountains. Hiking, climbing, biking, skiking, cross-skating and wintersports are possible in and around Heilbronn. Also rather unknown sports like underwater rugby or roller derby find ideal training and competition conditions. In more than 70 sports clubs more than 30,000 athletes are active only in Heilbronn. A stadium, many sport grounds and halls, several outdoor and indoor pools as well as an ice skating arena meet every demand. Furthermore, Heilbronn makles a name for itself with hosting major sport events. At the Heilbronn Open, a tennis tounament of the ATP Challenger Tour, already well-known German tennis players Carl-Uwe Steeb and Michael Stich were fighting for medals and points for the world ranking. And one of the biggest running competitions in Baden-Wuerttemberg is the Trollinger Marathon, nicknamed “Trolli”, where about 6,000 runners start on half and full marathon distance.